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Seeking to get back into employment?

This site provides practical guidance, tips, and ideas to help you get back to work in a job you want. We’ve kept this relevant to people who are re-entering the workforce, so you won’t be bogged down with stuff that really only applies to first-time job seekers (for whom there is already loads of guidance).

We also respect the fact that you know your profession, and basically know what kind of job you want. But making the transition back into the workforce can be challenging and quite different to what you’re used to, especially if it has been a while since you last went through this process.

Some advice up front ...

The most important part of getting back into employment is having right state of mind. If you’ve recently become retrenched or laid off, the potential emotional, professional, and financial impact can be a hugely demoralising event. The process of searching, applying, and self re-examination in finding suitable re-employment after a permanent layoff can be draining on yourself as well as the people close to you—especially if you are now based at home! It is not a small task to move from being disillusioned and possibly angry to the positive attitude needed to successfully getting into a great job.

But it can certainly be done. Just getting started is important. As a first step, update your CV and get it registered with some recruitment agents. You can easily amend it later if you change your mind about what sort of role you want—but at least you’ll have started.

This website provides practical guidance, resources, and ideas to help make the whole process quick and painless—from getting into the right state of mind through to succeeding with applications and interviews. Before long, you’ll be well on your way to being employed in a great role!

Get Employed Again!

Practical advice to help you get back to work in a job you want


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