Realistically, in your job search you will be needing to keep track of dozens of job applications. Each one of these will have associated with it a CV/resume and cover letter, contact name, employer details, and details of the job opportunity. Also, you should be able to recall when and what the last conversation related to each application was about, and with who. It is very easy to lose track of this information, and some kind of tracking is highly recommended. It will also help you to remember to follow-up if you haven’t heard anything back!

The simplest way to keep track of your job applications is to keep some kind of paper filing system, with your notes attached from phone conversations and interviews depending on your computer skills, keeping track using some kind of spreadsheet is a good idea, as it allows quick search—eg. when a recruitment agent calls you.

In addition, some kind of rudimentary scoring system is recommended—reflecting how much you like the role, and how good you feel the likelihood is that you’ll get it.

Managing opportunities in job searching

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